Chris Rose Boxing + Conditioning

Are you tired of slugging it out at the gym on your own, or listening to the same repetitive songs as you follow the same repetitive footsteps in your group fitness class week after week?

Are you sick of the many generic bootcamps that always promise a “new and improved version of you” in 12 weeks, but very rarely deliver?

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

Chris Rose Boxing is the fitness program you’re going to stick with, see results from, and actually enjoy attending. Seriously.

A strength and cardio workout, boxing engages your core and works every muscle simultaneously, giving you a total body workout.

Who is Chris Rose?

With many years of playing competitive State and Regional AFL, Chris Rose has a long list of personal sporting achievements and profound knowledge of the mental and physical challenges of the health and fitness industry.

As a boxer, he took home various titles and served as a regular sparring partner for the Australian and World title holders at a professional level.

Chris Rose has a keen passion for all sports and believes that understanding the way different clients respond to certain stresses is the determining factor in helping them reach their personal goals. Chris believes everyone deserves to reach their full fitness potential and by being able to freely adapt to the different needs and personality types of each client, and realising that there is not just ‘one way’ to get fit for every individual, Chris has a distinct advantage in helping clients achieve outstanding success.

With his endearing ‘larrikin spirit’, you’ll be laughing your way through sessions and getting stronger and fitter before you even realise you are working out.

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